Invisible Cities

prints and realtime graphics


2008 – 2009

One of my favourite books „Invisible Cities“ by Italo Calvino is always a great source of inspiration:
So it was for these visual pieces created in 2008 and 2009

Invisible Cities #7

realised with vvvv. the soundtrack was added later for this lowres documentation video.

Jan 2009

Invisible Cities #11

realised with vvvv. the soundtrack was created together with the images and controls some parameters of the graphics in realtime

Jan 2009

Invisible Cities – Prints 1-6

an attemptd to create visual poetry out of little quotes from Italo Calvinos Book „Invisible Cities“

Nov, Dec 2008


Four Letters I

part of the work series „Code Machines“


This whole piece – sound and visuals – is created just out of the letter I. Using vvvv to manipulate the display of a single letter in as many as possible ways. Crawling through all the data on my harddisk and whenever the ascii code of the letter I is found, a midi note is beeing triggered with note number and prg number taken from the byte before and after. Four of this patches are running the same time on different midi channels. The sounds are generated by the standard midi synth on my PC, with no further mixing or editing of the sound, because I wanted to use just the given material.

The crawler doesn’t look for „real letters“ but for every byte that has the same value as the ascii code of I (49 Hex), representing a potential I on my harddisk. So one can imagine that there is a hell lot of trigger events generated, thus the patches are often overwhelmed, resulting in unexpected outcome in sound and visuals … but that is what I like.

It is intended to be shown as a situative installation with four audio channels and four screens/projections.
The video here is put together from different parts to document the project.

Red and Yellow #3

part of the work series „Code Machines“


Algorithmic sound and graphics piece that can play forever. Harmonies and graphic patterns are generated in realtime.

It is actually conceived as a multiscreen situative installation and the video here is just a low-res excerpt to document it.

Realised with vvvv and the standard internal Midi-Synth of my PC.

8 random generators produce constant streams of note numbers, filters look for those that are part of a predefined harmonical cluster. Each note number is displayed and the values of the note numbers controll the different paramaters of the visual transformation and rendering.

(so the yellow dots and lines as well as the red layers are actually the note numbers that you are listening to)

Variable Densities



Variable Densities is a two screen installation. The graphical patterns are created in realtime via FFT analysis of the music. the graphic on both screens is created at the same time from the same sound input with just a slight difference in the weighting of some parameters.

created with vvvv.